We are kids artist buddy.


Our mission

Our mission is to train the next generation of entrepreneurs
by fostering children’s technical, creative and leadership abilities.


Connect Kids personal robotics

Toyput ability Information connect kids robotics buddy.



Founded 2016.3.13
Base in San Francisco, We service provide kids artist platform
Kids artist connect global professional knowledge and product.


Founder Story

Product Inspire
R.I.P For my crazy mother, You are not alone anymore.
Your life was inspire for me. This product gift for you with me life.

My History
My mother does not go home even if she gets in the middle of the night, her mother who likes gambling was neither interested in my education not investment money kids education. Instead I liked talking to adults and helping with work.

Share concept
I have children. I always think about how to growth up kids creative potential, How to best Investment money and Time.
Given the future of this child, there are experiences that have jumped out to the world, learned from multilingual skills, business skills using technology, which leads to a keep salary work.
This field requires a professional teacher, We call Education Doctors. In order to open up the children's abilities, we started to create a safer, more secure and secure environment, Social, Governance, The goal is growth up human potential with technology.
If my mother know it, I don’t get inspire, I can’t risk challenge this problem solution. Thanks my crazy mom.

Product tips
Imaging a whole new world through the lens of creative kids with help professionals.


Nana Uchida
Born 1986

Daughter 2009
Head of America and Japan
Education Doctors:
Find kids ability
Expert skill: Kids artist / Event produce
Language: English・Japanese


Our team

Kids robot advisory


Ian Bernstein

Founder of Misty Robotics Head of product
Ex: Sphero CTO

Founder History:
Startup story Future robot


Kazuki Kojima
Born 1993
Project portfolio

Studies 法学部 政治学科 at Keio University
Went to Keio Academy Of New York
Went to Asahi Gakuen
Went to Santa Monica High School
Went to Lincoln Middle School
Went to Gakushuin Boy's juinor high school 学習院中等科


Toyput tech event portfolio

Product launching event support

Stanford .png

Project partners


Toyput Challenge! Global technology event

  at Singapore

at Singapore

  at Dubai

at Dubai



WHY San Francisco?
Nana is new challenger, it need “Take more risk”
Here is Silicon valley, The first nana learned the technology knowledge hands on project with professionals on this land. Because they are lot of tech challenger information on the history of technologies.

WHY Kids project connect technology?
We are obliged to teach children the skills necessary for the future work. If you can’t do your job, it is an adult people knows what is troubling.
The most important thing is that technology is an item that solves problems.




California, United states

1880 Turk street
San Francisco, California 94115

Tokyo, Japan

Kokaido building 2F
4chome 2-45 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032


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