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Welcome to Toyput 

Imaging a whole new world
through the Lens of creative kids
with help from professional. 

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Do you have dream?


Why stop Action?


founder Story 

20 years a go. I had dream. Talk with mother, family, and teacher. 
 I want to connect with the people of the world and create a place to enhance each other's capabilities, 
But, it was said you should stop seeing such dreams and see the reality.
However,  it is possible now,  We do that with professional creators in the world. 
It is because I found the necessary ability to make kids dream come true.


kids dream

support by brand company

we habe created an environment&contents
deliver 3 point ability. 


Creativity |make your imagination, design

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TEchnical | how to make product

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Global Community | helps professional


Let's start professional Work!

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Tech creators

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Music creators 


design | kids fashion designers 


 connect  toy | printing tool  


creative partners | characters 


Communication toy | english 


global Community |with professional workshop


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share your project | making movie 


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COMING soon | using new technology toy 


Learn to English 

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 Let's create a new world with kids design

design contest 

Who is next generation global designers?

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